A Letter to Tiger Woods

May 30, 2017

Tiger –

I want to take a minute to let you know that there are still some of us out here that are rooting for you.  After your arrest yesterday for DUI, many in the media, the golf world, and social media have labelled you sad, a lost soul, a lost cause, spiraling, and on steroids.  They want to label this as the next misstep in the demise of Tiger Woods.

While I was not thrilled at the news, I was very satisfied to hear you say that alcohol was not a factor, and for the police report to support that claim.  While it is much more than a poor decision, the fact that this was not a result of drinking comes as a relief to me.

There was a time when you could do no wrong.  It has been said that you could “flip the switch” and hit the shot you needed whenever you wanted to.  That was proven so many times in your career.  The 6-iron from the bunker over water on the 72nd hole in the Canadian Open.  The famous chip-in on the 16th at Augusta.  An 8-iron piercing through the dark to land 3 feet from the hole at Firestone.  At a time when so many knew you could, you delivered.

As someone that did not root for you in your prime, I have come to realize how much the game needs you.  To be honest, and a little selfish, I want to see you return to your old self.  Because I did not appreciate you when you were at your best.  I resented that you kept winning.  I’d like to go back – but i cannot.  WE cannot.

It’s time to deliver again, Tiger.  Not for me.  Not for your detractors.  Not even for your fans.  It’s time for you to deliver for YOURSELF.  There is no way that the past 4 years can be the end of the Tiger Woods Story.

Your place in golf history is cemented.  Your dominance was other-worldly.  While you may never get back to those days, I am confident that you have a special run left in you, Tiger. I know that you have the drive inside of you to return to the game that defines you – and to return with relevance. And I am anxious to see it.

I hope that you put this latest gaffe behind you, that you get yourself on the right path to physical recovery, and that you get your head back into the game.  Where once Earl was your motivation, perfection your goal, may you get back to that level of play.

Like Michael Jordan coming our of “retirement” to win 3 more NBA Titles, I look forward to the day we see Tiger Woods triumphant once again.  It’s in you, Tiger, it always has been.  I hope the world gets to see it once again.  And this time, I promise to appreciate every bit of it.

Your fan – The Golf Dude


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