New Course? Don’t Expect Much

Like a road you’ve never driven, a golf course you’ve never played has many unknown twists and turns.  And just like driving on that road, playing a new course can be dangerous.

I got to play a private course today, one I had never seen.  Driving to the course I thought to myself that I need to take what the course shows me.  In other words, don’t trust what I cannot see.  If all I can see is 200 yards, then hit a 200 yard shot.  I figured that would keep me out of trouble and on the right track.

While I didn’t completely follow that gameplan, I was able to stay in play for the most part.  I hit a few questionable shots – some that I found and some that found the water.  But I was able to scratch out an 80 thanks to eight 1-putts.

I believe that the first time you play a golf course you can expect to shoot 3-6 shots higher than you will the next time you play it.  Even if you’re with someone that knows the course and can direct you – your mind will still get in the way.  You won’t be able to completely trust your swing.

I had a very untrusting swing today which kept me from shooting much better – especially with how well I rolled it.  I did not hit clean irons.  My drives were nervous.  I was not able to commit to the shots because I didn’t know exactly where to hit it.

Trut me – there is a reason PGA players get to the course on Monday or Tuesday.  They want to test the roads.



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