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There’s something going on in golf these days.  It’s not happening on the fairways on Tour.  It isn’t about Tiger Woods (shockingly).  And it’s not coming from the big club manufacturers.  It’s happening online, and it is crazy!

An influx of “boutique” brands are popping up across the golf world selling limited production ball markers, divot tools, and putter covers.  In a game that is dominated by four major equipment companies, these guys are making a splash 1 launch at a time.

A look through my Instagram feed each day might find notifications from Tyson Lamb (, SWAG (, Two Talents (, or Bettinardi ( announcing the launch of something new.

If you’re interested in adding these designs to your golf bag or collection then you’d better be online and ready to go at launch time.  They go fast!  Most of them sell out in less than a minute.  On more than one occasion I’ve had an item in my cart only to have it sell out before I can process my payment.

While business seems to be great, these guys do get a lot of grief for how hard their products are to get.  Many would be customers complain about the limited availability and having to fight internet “bots” that seem to get in before they can.  A great “problem” to have, I imagine.

Even with those frustrations, customers continue to flock to these product launches in hopes of landing one of these gems. Clever designs on ball markers – doughnuts, pizza, ugly Christmas Sweaters.  Unique, timely head cover releases that pay tribute to the tournament on the PGA Tour that week, or seasonal release like the Chinese food “Take Out” cover released on Christmas Day by the guys at SWAG.

There are other brands, of course, that have made a splash in the accessory world – Seamus Golf, The Dormie Workshop, Golf Iconic, and MacKenzie Golf Bags, to name a few.  Each of these brands, and the ones above, offer custom designs – in head covers, divot tools, golf bags, and many more items.

In fact customization is one of the major selling points for these guys.  If you have a design in mind reach out to any of these brands and they can make it reality.  It will cost you – but one of a kind designs usually do.

Some will argue that the cost of these items is outrageous – $75 for a ball marker!? – but exclusivity is not cheap.  My brother once told me that an item is worth whatever you can get someone to pay.  These guys are taking that advice and running with it because they sell out of everything.

So go check out these “Boutique” brands and see what you think.  My guess is that you’ll love what you see and get in line on the next launch.  I’ll see you there!




2 thoughts on “Boutique Brands Buzz

  1. Hey Bud. Just want to compliment you on the excellent writing on your blog. Great commentary on different subjects. Might want to write a book. I’m impressed. Great Job.


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