Breakfast at Augusta

With the greatest leaderboard the game has ever seen heading into Saturday, the Masters appears to be down to about 4 or 5 players as we approach the Second 9 on Sunday.

Molinari: Slow and steady.  Doesn’t make many mistakes, and will be hard to catch, especially if you need to make a late move.  A GREAT player that will not be a sexy win.  His (apparent) lack of emotion and passion keep him from being a fan favorite.

Koepka: Similar to Molinari, his on course demeanor lacks passion or personality.  The thing he’s got going for himself is that he BOMBS the ball, and chicks (AND dudes) dig the long ball.  A very steady player who takes advantage of his power to beat Par 5’s and has a deft touch in his short game, he can make a move and doesn’t give much back.

Finau: Here is the guy with the energy and passion to excite fans.  A humble guy with power and flare, a win from Tony would be popular, indeed.  He’ll need to stay focused and calm.  He is going to miss some fairways and greens and will need to be able to stay patient through the process.  He should have opportunities on the Par 5’s, and needs to minimize his mistakes elsewhere.  A fun player to watch and would be a popular Masters Champion.

Poulter: Screw him.  (Those that know me know why I say that).  If you need to know more just ask me, happy to tell you.  You know how, in golf, you’re not really supposed to root AGAINST someone?  Well, it’s hard not to root against this guy.

Woods: Golf could use this today.  Has there ever been a moment where such great expectation and hope paid out?  The entire golf world would get a jolt of energy and excitement from a Tiger victory at the Masters.  Everything would seem right again with the world.  He’s going to win the Par 5’s, needs minimal mistakes off the tee, and needs to hole his short putts.  If he is near the lead heading into Amen Corner, I think he’ll be the man to beat.

It has been such fun watching this leaderboard all weekend – has there EVER been a better leaderboard anywhere?  The best golfers in the world came to play this week!  It has been so much fun to watch.  Sit back and enjoy Sunday at Augusta – Breakfast at Augusta – it’s going to be EPIC.


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