Fitting 101: Your Guide

When should I get fit? Where should I go? What should I expect? We get a lot of questions around the fitting process. In this coming weeks I will try to answer those, and many other questions.

The real answer is that you should get fit whenever you’re buying a new club. Maybe you don’t need a complete fitting, say you’re buying a wedge. You should still seek out the advice of a sales person. If nothing else, make sure that you ask questions to confirm what you think you know. Or learn more.

However, if you’re in the market for a new set of irons or a driver, then a fitting is a must. You need to know that the club you’re buying will work for you, not against you (I’ll explain that in another session). Scheduling a fitting will go a long way toward helping you play better golf.

In many ways, you are buying confidence. Taking the time to partner with an expert will give you the assurance that the clubs you end up with were the best option for you. Even as an expert, I still partner with others to confirm my decisions, seek different insights, and see if there’s a better option than I was considering.

Getting fit won’t take you from an 18 handicap to scratch, not overnight. But if done correctly, it will make you better.

Feel free to leave a comment for me. Ask me a fitting question and I will answer it in this series of posts. I hope you learn something from it. It’s a great day to be a weekend!

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