Ryder Cup – What a great weekend!

I was lucky enough to go to Saturday’s Ryder Cup matches. Let me tell you – Whistling Straits looked amazing! I’ve played there, but I don’t think it looked anywhere near as good as last week. Wow.

As far as the golf, I can’t really say that we saw much of it. We started out trying to follow the groups, maybe get out ahead of them by a couple holes to get a good spot to see them come through. Remember, there’s only 4 matches at a time on Saturday.

50,000 fans trying to see 16 golfers in 4 groups on 18 holes. The math doesn’t work in your favor. We finally got smart and found a seat in the grandstand left of the 9th green. From there we were able to see one of the morning matches make it to the 18th hole, we could see the giant TV’s set up across the green.

We camped out there through the afternoon matches, as well, figuring we’d be able to follow along with the play while getting a good view when they came through the 9th hole. So…basically we drove 2 hours at 4am to sit and watch the Ryder Cup on TV.

The merchandise tent was absolute chaos, people everywhere, stuff everywhere, but nothing that you wanted. OK, I’m kidding about the last part, sort of. Based on how much I spent I was able to find plenty! But be prepared for panic & chaos. A complete zoo!

I say all of this to paint a picture for you: if you like watching GOLF, stay home. You won’t be able to see much of it. Perhaps another course would lend itself to following a group better than the Straits, but I doubt it (again, do the math). You’re not going to see many shots hit, unless you’re watching the TV set up across the green.

BUT! If you just want the experience of a Ryder Cup, the USA! USA! USA! chants. The roars (or Rors!). The boos (I was able to express my active hatred for Ian Poulter, which is nice!). If that’s what you seek, then order your patriotic best and get to Bethpage Black in 2025.

You’ll be happy you did! I know I was!

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