Driver – What to Know Before You go…

NEWS FLASH: Chicks dig the long ball! And so do Dudes! But you knew that. That’s why the driver is the most important club in the bag, and why we’re continuously chasing a longer, better one.

Like most things in life we’re looking for immediate returns. We’re not very patient people, are we? I would caution you that it sometimes takes time. Follow this process and I think you might just find a winner.

  1. Know YOUR game. Each manufacturer makes several versions of each driver. SIM2, SIM2 Max, SIM2 Max-D. Epic Speed, EPIC Max-LS, EPIC Max. Titleist TSi1, TSi2, TSi3, TSi4. You get the picture. They do this trying to make sure they have a driver for every golfer’s game. Similar to every car maker building a sports car, sedan, mini SUV, SUV, Truck, Minivan, etc. There are a lot of people to please, and it takes options!
  2. Do your research. Almost every manufacturer launches a new driver every year. Read up on them, learn what’s new, why it’s being done, and how it benefits YOUR game (see Point #1).
  3. Have an idea what clubs have worked for you in the past, understand your tendencies with your current driver and know what you want to improve.
  4. Try the drivers you think will work best for you BEFORE you schedule your fitting. Go into the fitting with some sort of idea what feels good to you.

I would also suggest that you get into golf shape before scheduling a fitting. Not that your swing needs to be grooved, but don’t think you’re ready to be fit when you haven’t touched a club in 3 months. Go to the range, work out the kinks, and then come see us. All too often we have people show up for a fitting and their swing isn’t ready.

Be ready to talk. Tell everything that you think would be valuable for the fitter to know. Much like a doctor, we will be asking a lot of questions to try and diagnose your symptoms to better suggest a cure. Any information that you can share will be helpful.

Lastly, own your ability. What I mean by this is that we don’t expect you to have a perfect swing. What we need is to know that you are swinging your swing. Don’t try to out perform yourself. Be honest with yourself and with the fitter. Doing so will allow you both to dig in and find the best driver for you.

In the next post we will outline the process and what you can expect from the fitter.

One thought on “Driver – What to Know Before You go…

  1. Great thoughts here, Chris. Getting fit is so important. Having and open mind when you go to your fitting is incredibly important. Bring your current gamer and use its numbers as the baseline and get to work from there. Let the fitter guide you into a head/shaft/grip combination from which you will benefit most. You may have your heart set on a brand/model, but the numbers don’t lie. Would you rather have the driver you wanted or one that actually fits? I know where I stand on that one.


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