I’m Thankful for Golf!

It’s Thanksgiving. Time to reflect on the people and things we love most and to celebrate the things we’re grateful for. As I do so, I am reminded how thankful I am for golf.

I’ve worked almost 20 years in golf retail. It has taken me to two different states and back to Chicago. It has introduced me to so many people. It has taken me to wonderful places and given me so many memories.

Golf is perfect. It is for everyone. It is rewarding. Challenging. Fun. It gets you outside into nature. It allows you time with friends. It introduces you to new ones. It teaches you patience, honesty, integrity. It’s not easy. It takes time, energy, and practice to get better. But you get to do so on your own terms.

There is no other game that offers so many gadgets, tools, or toys to help you get better, or think you can. No other sport that could support multiple national retail chains that sell nothing but golf stuff – from massive mega-stores.

It’s one of the few games that you are really not playing against your opponent. You’re playing the course. Together. The one that plays the course best wins. You never forget your best shots. The improbable pars, the impossible birdies. Double Eagle, anyone? How about a Hole in One?

I can’t even begin to talk about all of the wonderful people I have met through golf. Customers that have become friends. Just about all of my friends I have are because of golf. My closest friends definitely are my golf buddies. We plan days together getting away from the office. We organize trips to play some of the best courses our country has to offer, creating more memories every time.

And there is nothing that I love more than golfing with my family. The memories I have playing golf with my family are ones I will carry with me for life. In fact, they are some of my best memories. I always enjoy adding to those memories.

Yeah, golf is perfect. And I’m so thankful that it found me. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your families!

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