Tiger’s BACK – Enjoy it!

Tiger Woods is back, people. Again. After his solo accident back in LA last February, many wondered if Tiger would ever get back out on tour. Or if he could! I, for the record, never doubted that he would return (more on that later!).

Last year, the golf world was formally introduced to Charlie Woods. His trash talking, swagger, and swing brought new life to the tournament. As with everything golf, when you add Tiger Woods, the fans react. Television ratings almost doubled from the previous year, as everyone tuned in to see if Charlie could match dad’s star value.

Boy did he deliver! With a confidence far outplaying his 12 years, Charlie delivered shot after shot for the father-son team, including a natural eagle on the 3rd hole. Some might even say that Charlie carried the team.

When Tiger announced that they would participate in this year’s event, fans reacted. In fact, if you want to see them vie for the title you’ll have to do it on TV. Tickets are sold out and not available at the gate.

As I said above, I always expected Tiger to return. As has always been the case, he has too much on the line to allow his end to not be on his terms. His pride, his competitiveness, and his legacy demand that he go out on his own terms. He needs that, and, quite frankly, so do we.

Sit back and relax this weekend. And enjoy watching our favorite golfer come back to the game he loves. His game won’t be the same, but he will always be TIGER. Enjoy!

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