Order Now for Spring

News flash! The world is experiencing supply chain issues (I think that’s going to be the name of my band). These problems have definitely hit the golf equipment world.

We’re quoting 8 weeks on all special orders. So that means your clubs would arrive around March 1st if you ordered them today. In some cases you’ll wait longer! This year alone I have waited 8 months for a putter and am currently 3 months into waiting for a set of irons that I won’t have before February if I’m lucky.

The point is: get in, get fit, and get your order in NOW. If you live up North, you’ll be waiting for your clubs as you shovel your way through winter. You won’t miss any golf. Perfect!

The other great news is that PING & Titleist have launched their latest iron sets, with no plans on Spring launches. Taylor Made launched their P790 irons in the fall, and Callaway isn’t replacing the Apex line. Most of the Player Irons are already out, so you wouldn’t need to wait for Spring launches. There will be some new game improvement irons coming out, but the Players irons are out, for the most part.

So get your swing loosened back up, get into your local shop and get fit – get your clubs ordered NOW! Waiting will only lead to, well, more waiting.

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