Dress to Impress and Success May Follow

As we settle in to 2022 and get ready for the golf season, we begin to anticipate the release of the next great things. The new fangled drivers, wedges, and balls that will make us better. The putters that will answer all of our problems. All the new technology in the world might make you better. But no matter what clubs you choose to game, you’ve got to look like a golfer.

Those that know me know that I take my look very seriously. I won’t even go to the grocery store if I am not matching. I put a lot of thought and energy into the decisions. Packing for golf trips for me is a days long ordeal. Yes, DAYS. The better the course the more important the decision is.

Whether packing for a trip or dressing for a day, the decision for me starts with the shoes. It’s always about the shoes. The rest is a a strange equation, filled with mysterious algorithms and magic dust. The key is to choose your style and stick with it. Wear it with pride. Exuberate in it. Decide if you’re going to go with a classic simple look or bright colors.

There are several concepts that I use to build my outfit once I’ve chosen the shoes:

  1. Match the shoes, belt, and hat. This is my main approach. When I choose this option, I think it best to match my shirt and bottoms in a completely contrasting color to the shoe/belt/hat combo. Black shoes, belt, & hat? White Shirt and pant. This creates a layered effect.
  2. Match the shoes, belt, and hat to the pants. When I go this route, I’ll usually sprinkle in a little color pop with a belt buckle change to highlight the shirt or trim on the hat. Black shoes, belt, hat, and pants, with a bright colored shirt and matching buckle.
  3. Match the shoes to the shirt. I would use this approach when the shoes are a bright color. Think Rickie Fowler orange Puma shoes paired with an orange shirt.
  4. Sprinkle in some Highlights. A couple of glove brands are bringing back the colored glove (Cuater, Foot-Joy, and Asher come to mind). My sock game is pretty basic, but this is an area where you can flash some style.

These are my top concepts, but there are definitely many other ways to approach your style. As stated above, whatever you decide to do, own it and make it yours. Make it look like some thought was put into the process, and your outfit was purposeful.

That being said, let’s look at some mistakes that happen way too often:

  1. Obviously don’t mix patterns. Never wear plaid shorts with a patterned shirt. Match plaids with a solid shirt that represents a color from the plaid (I usually highlight the lightest or darkest color from the plaid).
  2. Don’t mix fabrics. You shouldn’t wear a wool trouser with a moisture wicking tech fabric shirt. Try to keep your textures the same. Some in the high fashion world would argue this point, but I think for golf it holds true. Try to keep your textures and fabrics in the same family.
  3. White belts are currently frowned on, especially on big guys like me. But I don’t care!
  4. Personally I think it’s OK to mix brands. While some would say it’s not an “outfit” if you’re wearing a Nike shirt with Adidas pant, I don’t ever worry about this. I am way more interested in the color scheme than the logos. If I’ve matched the colors then I am happy.

Don’t be afraid to be bold. Golfers are known for their crazy fashion. Payne Stewart in his knickers, John Daly and LoudMouth, old school plaid pants. Just make sure that your decisions make sense and look good. It definitely helps if you’ve got game, too!

Imagine going to a club dressed like a bum and then seeing a gorgeous girl across the room. Would you feel good approaching her knowing you’re not dressed your best? Not at all. But clothes can give you confidence. A swagger. This is true on the golf course, too.

Those that know me know that I have a deep & vast dislike for Ian Poulter. But he has lived by this mantra for most of his golf life: “Look Good. Feel Good. Play Good.” That’s a great approach, dislike aside. You will exude confidence when you feel like you’re at your best.

Wear it well and hit ’em straight! Or far. You choose.

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