Phil “skipping” The Masters?!

The world found out this past Monday that Phil Mickelson will not be playing in next month’s Masters Tournament.

Many have theorized that Phil may have been secretly suspended by the PGA Tour as a result of his recent criticisms of the Tour and Commissioner Jay Monahan. The PGA Tour has never publicly discussed player discipline, so there is no way of knowing. However, The Masters is an Invitational tournament run by the Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Committee, not the PGA Tour.

Still others believe that Augusta National has asked Phil not to attend to avoid any unnecessary issues. Phil has taken time away from the game, and it is conceivable that the Masters Committee is worried that Mickelson making The Masters his return to golf could cause discord in the media room and on the course.

It is conceivable that Phil just isn’t ready to face the backlash that his actions have & will cause upon his public return. No doubt he has caused a maelstrom of animosity from the Tour itself, many of his fellow Tour players, his sponsors, and countless fans.

But I just can’t fathom that Phil is voluntarily missing out on The Masters. This tournament means too much to him. While him competing for the Green Jacket is unlikely, he did win last year’s PGA Championship, so it is possible.

In my mind there is no way that this is Phil’s decision. He is being told to stay home by someone. There is no doubt in my mind.

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