The Golf Dude’s Favorite Things, Part 2

I got out to play today, first time in a while. Unfortunately it showed in the results. I really need to work on my short game. Chipping and putting really hurt my scoring today. Because I was missing too many greens. Because I was struggling off the tee. You get the point! Now that you feel my pain, let’s expand on The Golf Dude’s Favorite Things.


We can split this into two categories if you’d like: Wood & Plastic. Most of the greats use wooden tees, so I do. The only one that I will pay for is the Western Birch tees. Durable, consistent, and beautiful. They offer countless color schemes OR you can design your own! They are a little more expensive option, but I find that they last much longer, so they’re worth the cost. I once used the same tee for 45 straight holes.

As far as plastic tees, I have to say the Professional Tee System tees by Pride are the best. With an added stripe on the tee to help you tee it at a consistent height, these tees are very durable and worth the price. I especially like the 1 1/2″ shorty tees for Par 3’s or non driver holes. I do like to carry one of those in the pocket when I play.

Ball Marking Kit

You’ve heard the commercial. “How do you mark your Titleist?” Well, obviously there are many many ways to mark your golf ball, but if you’re the type to put lines on the ball, there’s only one tool to help you do it: Softspikes’ Golf Ball Alignment Tool. This clam shell design clamps onto your golf ball and allows you to put a straight edge line on the ball, or several other design options – whichever suits your eyes. Of course, from there you’re welcome to mark the ball in any other way – I use a dot at the bottom right of the # on the ball. I used to use a Sharpie that match my shirt that day – but now I just go with a Green Sharpie. You don’t have to tell me I’m weird. I know.

Golf Belt

Those that know me know that I like to dress the part. Even if I don’t look like a good golfer due to my game, I am always going to look like a good golfer. I treat the golf belt as a very important accessory – and I utilize it to add color or highlight a color in the outfit (or “fit” as the kids are saying these days!). I own way too many NexBelts – 23 at last count. Almost the complete rainbow with a few striped options, too! NexBelt uses a ratchet system to lock in your belt, at 1/4″ increments, so you can really dial in the right fit. Most traditional belts have holes 1″ apart which can lead to too tight or too loose a fit. Those holes also get stretched out and ruined over time, look ugly as they get worn frequently, and change the way the belt fits. The NexBelt ratchet system looks great, fits great, and is my only choice for a belt. Check them out!


This one isn’t an absolute, meaning I have a few favorites in the Shoe category. But I am in love with the Foot-Joy Traditions line. Perfectly named, the Traditions have a classic saddle look or a fresh take on the wingtip. A spiked shoe that utilizes FJ’s new take on the comfort sole – a new, lightweight foam that maintains its’ shape and flexibility over time. With a 1-year waterproof warranty you can feel good about this shoe in all conditions. With 7 color options, this shoe will fit into anyone’s wardrobe.

Luckily, I birdied the 18th today, so I’m pumped to get back out there and struggle again! I hope these lists are helping you.

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