The Golf Dude’s Favorite Things – Travel Edition

I travel a lot. Like, a LOT. I take my clubs with me most of the time. I don’t find it as difficult as many, I’d rather play my clubs (especially if I am playing a special course), and I don’t see the need to hassle with ShipSticks.

So here is a quick list of my favorite things, the Travel Edition.

Club Glove Last Bag

Available in three different sizes and a ridiculous 26 colors, the Last Bag is exactly that: the Last Travel Bag you’ll need. I am currently using the smallest of options, but have been contemplating upgrading to the next size up. Made from a very durable Denier Nylon, strong YKK zippers, and inline skate wheels, this bag does everything I need.

Club Glove Stiff Arm

Now available with your purchase of the Last Bag is your Club Glove Stiff Arm. An 3-piece telescoping club protector, I will NOT fly without one. It fits easily into your golf bag and extends just longer than your longest club, offering a protective umbrella over your clubs. Designed to absorb the full force of impact in severe travel conditions so that your clubs don’t have to and you can relax knowing your clubs will be safe.

TSA Travel Lock

Simply put, the TSA lock allows you to lock your zippers. You set the combo on the lock, and the TSA has a universal key that allows them to open the lock to examine your goods. Use any other lock and it will most likely be cut off and you’re left with nothing.

Bose Noise Cancelling Ear Phones

I have used these for years. In fact I am on my second pair. I’ll get a third when these wear out. I use the over ear, wireless, Bluetooth connecting version. The battery usually lasts the whole trip (BOTH ways!), and allows me to sit back, relax, and listen to whatever I choose, not crying kids or any other outside influence.

Southwest Airlines

One of the main reasons that I don’t think ShipSticks is worth the hassle is that I fly exclusively on Southwest. 2 Bags fly free. 1 suitcase, 1 golf travel bag. Easy peasy, no worry, no headache. Did I mention that it’s free? Obviously if you fly a different airline, ShipSticks could be worth looking into (although I find them grossly overpriced). But flying Southwest means my clubs fly free.

Putting them in the Club Glove Last Bag with the Stiff Arm and a TSA lock means I fly relaxed. I need not worry about my babies, they’ll be just fine! Turn on some music, sit back and nap. We’ll be landing soon!

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