GolfDude’s Trip Around Lake Michigan Statistics

Here are the final stats from Golf Dude’s Trip Around Lake Michigan:

Courses Played: 10. New Courses for The Golf Dude: 8

Rounds Played: 11 Total Yards Played: 73,679 (avg. 6,699)

Total Strokes: 919 Average Score: 83.5

Total Putts: 361 Average Putts: 32.8

Total Fairways Hit: 101 Average FW Hit Per Round: 9.18 % of FW Hit: 65.5%

Total GIR: 67 Average GIR Per Round: 6.09 (NOT ENOUGH)

Total 1-Putts: 44 Average 1-Putts per Round: 4

Balls Lost: 27

Total Miles Driven: 1258. Most Miles in 1 Day: 196

Total Dead Deer Seen: 5

Total Energy Drinks Consumed: 7 Red Bulls, 4 Monsters, 1 Starbucks

Amount of Fun Had: Immeasurable

Now to plan NEXT year’s Michigan Trip. Who wants to join me?

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