I’m Sorry…WHAT?!

Saudi Golf chief executive Majed Al Sorour made waves this week. In an interview with The New Yorker, he claimed that LIV Golf will “set up our own majors”. Further proof that these guys just don’t get it.

Winning one of golf’s Majors means that you’ve cemented your place in history. Your name is now among the best that have ever played. It’s not about money. It has never been about the money.

The Wannamker Trophy. A U.S. Open Trophy. The Claret Jug. A Green Jacket! These are the things that matter. Putting your name next to Jack, Arnie, Tiger, Seve, Bobby Jones. That’s what matters!

Not one of these golfers, not even the LIV guys will feel the same about playing in a LIV major. If they do, then it is simple proof that all they care about is the money. And it proves that they just don’t get it.


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