Orange Whip – Golf Dude’s Favorite Trainer

If you’re like me, you just don’t have a lot of time. (If you’re like me, you also don’t have a lot of money!) Unfortunately golf demands a lot of both to be thoroughly enjoyed and properly executed. While I can’t seem to figure out the money side of the equation, I have found a great tool to help with the time crunch.

The Orange Whip swing trainer, to me, is easily the best training aid for people with my mindset. Meaning, those that don’t sweat the small stuff. It works on tempo, release, swing plane, and finishing the swing – SIMULTANEOUSLY!!

Watching some of the introduction videos on their website (, founder and creator Jim Hackenberg talks about the golf swing being a fluid motion, not one of individual steps or positions – he likens it to learning how to dance by being placed into position without any movement to get there. How do you learn to GET there?

The Orange Whip is simple – a weighted ball on the end of a flexible shaft, with a counterbalanced grip. The weight of the Whip allows your muscles to work a little more than they will with your lightweight driver, helping you develop strength and increase swing speed. The flexible shaft works to keep you in rhythm and maintain a smooth transition from back swing to down swing. And the counterweight balances the Orange Whip, stabilizing your swing from start through finish. It’s essential in providing critical feedback on whether you are loading and unloading the golf club properly.

By using an orange ball at the end of the club, it simplifies the process. There is no concern for club face position throughout the swing. You are learning to swing without worrying about the swing. Simple genius!

I have had mine for a couple of years, and have really begun putting in the work with it. About 5 years ago I realized my tempo at the top of my swing was way too quick and I needed to slow it down – not quite Hideki-esque, but close. The Orange Whip helped me learn a much smoother transition. I also struggle with finishing the swing – getting fully rotated through the swing to post up to a high finish. The Orange Whip helps pull me through to that position – training my muscles in the process.

It stays in my bag, and is the first club I swing when I get to the range. See, the other great thing about it is that the weight helps you stretch and loosen the golf muscles. I’m getting old, and the Orange Whip is a perfect way to speed the process.

The Orange Whip comes in several sizes to help you mimic Driver, Iron, or Wedge swings. They also have several other products that work in concert with the Whips to help you swing more fluidly, consistently, and perfectly – all without worrying about swinging it perfectly.

Ultimately, it is this simplicity that makes The Orange Whip so perfect for me. In 10 or 15 minutes I can work on Tempo, Swing Plane, Release, and Finish – all without hitting a single golf ball! It is perfect for those crunched for time. The Orange Whip is a SWING trainer, and in my opinion it’s the best there is!

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