The Golf Dude’s Favorite Things, Part 1

You asked, I’ll deliver. I will give you a list of my favorite things in different categories in golf. No, I’m not Oprah or Ellen, so you won’t all be getting free samples, but I hope it helps you…

Range Finder

This is one category where I tell people not to be cheap. Get the best, it’s worth the extra $40-50. Which one is the best? The Bushnell Tour V5, NON-slope edition ($299). There are some viable options at $220-260, but I have heard some complain about their accuracy & longevity. The Bushnell has the best optics (6x magnification, crystal clear), built-in magnet to attach to your cart (Try not to leave it behind – Oops!), PinSeeker, or 1st target priority (returns a number from the first thing the laser hits – hunting scopes have different tech), and visual Jolt which lets you know you’ve locked onto the flag. I’ve never felt that the slope versions gave me very accurate data, so I prefer to make those calculations myself. As an added bonus, Bushnell donates a portion of the proceeds to the Folds of Honor.

Golf Towel

No question. Hands down the Club Glove towels. Microfiber. Waffle design. HUGE! These towels don’t have clips, but have a slit in the center of the towel that fits over a club in your bag, or your umbrella. No metal clip to lose or tear your towels. Combine that with the waffle design microfiber, which gets into the grooves better than any terry towel and you’ve got the absolute best in the game ($22).


A little over a year ago, I would have said the Titleist umbrellas were the best. That was before I was introduced to the weatherman golf umbrellas. These things are spectacular. Push button open, industrial strength fiberglass, vented canopies (withstands 55 mph winds), waterproof materials with UPF 50+ – great for rain or for shine. A large mesh pocket on the underbelly offers dry storage and a silicone coated rib allows your towel to hang slippage free. The Arnold Palmer Classic is by far the best of the bunch, harkening to the King’s logo. Winner of the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice for Best Umbrella every year since 2018. If it’s good enough for the Ryder Cup team then it’s definitely good enough for me!

Cart Bag

For a long time now, it has been the Sun Mountain C-130. Aptly named for the Air Force cargo jet, this thing has everything! 14-way, full length dividers, non-slip “feet” for balance on hard surfaces. A cart strap pass through allows access to every pocket even while on the cart. Valuables pocket – more pockets than you know what to do with, really! And the highlight is the lined cooler pocket! This is a real-deal cooler pocket, nothing wimpy about it. Great for your PB & J, bananas, and water. Or…whatever you would want to keep cool during your round (Hmmm). Available in a rainbow of colors, this bag will fit every golfer’s needs. They even have a sand-camp version to celebrate our military and a first responders design – which is so cool! Every other cart bag is designed to be like this one!

Hope this helps! I will add more categories soon! Stay tuned!

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