LIV and Let LIV

I haven’t written about the LIV Tour yet – but only because I hadn’t figured out how I feel about it. Yet. Sort of.

Look, the truth is that I don’t like it. But not because of the reasons most have talked about. I don’t like change. And ultimately that is what this is, right? A change to what we already love. Our golf idols, in some cases, turning their noses on everything that has made them our golf idols. All for the money.

Ahh, the money! That’s the real issue, isn’t it? Where is that money coming from? Blood money, as many have called it. I’m not going there. Truthfully, I don’t much get into the political on most things, and I’m definitely not going to now.

The truth is that these golfers that are “defecting” (as though they’ve been stuck in some communistic oligarchy) have done so because it is the best thing for THEM. Our society has become so entrenched in the idea that their feelings or opinions should somehow matter to people they’ve never met. The reality is that these golfers have made their decisions – certainly not flippantly – because they feel it is the best thing for THEM. We didn’t enter the equation. Our opinions aren’t powerful enough to beat money.

Listen, I am a HUGE Phil Mickelson fan. He’s been my favorite player for a long time. Ultimately I am disappointed that he left the PGA Tour. But he did what is best for him in his mind. Of course, he completely ruined his legend in the process! But he did what was best for HIM and his family. Not for us.

The Tours and golf world have reacted the way they have out of necessity. The PGA Tour stands to lose billions in TV revenue, ticket sales, fans, and future stars. Same with the DP World Tour. Last I checked I haven’t heard the Asian Tour complaining. Or Latin America.

Sure these guys should all have plenty of money. But aren’t every one of us looking for the easiest way to make more money? Or easier money? Whether your reasons are playing less golf (DJ), your health (Brooks Koepka), being with your family more (PReed & Pat Perez), or the fact that you’ve done all you can on the “Old” Tours and have a chance for a quick money grab as your career wanes, who cares?

The NFL has done just fine since the USFL in the 80’s. I’d say it has flourished. But how many that were around then embraced the new league without fear or concern for the original? I’m sure not many. Because we don’t like change.

Whether the LIV Tour survives and thrives remains to be seen. I’m not yet sure that I will spend any time watching it – at least not yet. But I’m also not going to vilify those that made the difficult decision to put everything they’ve worked for on the line. It is their decision to make – not ours.

Yes, they’ve made the move because of the money, but I’d bet most of us would welcome the same chance.

One thought on “LIV and Let LIV

  1. I’ve got a lot of opinions on LIV golf and most of them revolve around the idea that anybody that’s a fan of the idea of seeing their favorite golfers play less golf is a big bozo.


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