Good for the Game

Rory McElroy is back at the top of the golfing world – the #1 golfer for the 9th time in his career. He has spent a total of 107 weeks as the World’s Best. And I, for one, think there is no better man for that spot right now than Rory.

Over the last year, or so, we have seen him be real in every aspect of his life. As a dad, at The Ryder Cup after winning his only point of the week during Sunday’s singles match, and at every Tour stop along the way. He has become the voice of the PGA Tour, possibly not by choice, but definitely as a result of his honesty.

He has patiently taken on every question facing him and stepped up to speak out against LIV Golf and the divide it is creating – between himself and his fellow Ryder Cup teammates and between the two tours. He has openly voiced his opinions on how LIV Golf is hurting the game (in his opinion) and has taken on a leadership role in the locker room and on the Players Advisory Council.

Rory has stepped up in every way over the past year. At the same time, his game is sharper today than it has been in years. Say what you will about his drought at the Majors, he has been resurgent in every way and has put himself in position to win a few over the last 18 months. I expect he will end that drought in 2023, perhaps even in April?

He has become golf’s greatest ambassador at the same time that he has elevated his game to new heights. The PGA Tour needs him to continue to succeed in every way. Luckily for them (and for us) he is delivering. And there is nobody better for that right now than Rory.

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